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Backing up....

By Henry Kenuam

Someone asked me the other day to explain what the Engage Framework is. I scratched my head and realized that this was a difficult question to answer. In fact, to answer this question I think it would be easier to start with what the Engage Framework is not.


It is not an OR Mapper Tool such as MyGeneration or Hybernate (NHybernate .NET version). To further answer the question, the Engage Framework is a made up of  two components 1) A domain key database design (end of the road in terms of data normalization see http://www.datamodel.org/NormalizationRules.html#dknf)

2) An API developed in the C# language to provide the developer with a consistent architectural approach to development and to position the developer squarely in the client’s problem domain as quickly as possible. Although the Framework offers much much more I think that in a paragraph this is an accurate depiction. More later….

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