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Our Services

Software Development

Engage's software development team creates custom solutions using the Agile methodology to ensure working iterations at the end of each development ‘sprint.’ Our abilities run the gamut of software development including web applications, mobile apps, intranet development, enterprise software applications and third party integrations including single sign on and ERP integration connectors. Software developed by Engage targeted at the end user experience and will be cost efficient and scalable. Engage spends time at the start of every project to discover more about your goals and target audience in order to refine the project scope. Utilizing these insights, leads to projects that come in under budget and on time. Contact one of our Software Development Specialists today!


  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Intranet Development
  • Enterprise Application Software Development
  • Third Party Integrations

Website Design and Implementation

Engage Software’s design team can create custom or templated solutions for any website need. Engage specializes in development for most popular content management systems (CMS), and has particularly deep experience with DNN (formerly DotNetNuke). At the start of our client partner process, our user interface (UI) designers provide you with user case questionnaires, which help our team better understanding your business goals and target audiences. Rather than work solely from aesthetic design ("that looks cool") and broad best practices ("it worked for someone else"), we approach projects through Data Driven Design (“that looks great and it works for us and our users!”). Once your ideal website visitor is properly understood, our team implements a strategy to help you gain a competitive edge in your marketplace. Data Driven Design saves our clients on redesign costs and valuable time while keeping the project within its initial scope.


  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Responsive Design
  • Performance Optimization

Engage Evolution

Engage Evolution is a monthly subscription service created to extend our partnership beyond the initial project effort. Technology is ever-evolving, so Evolution is designed to assist our partners who need on-going help in keeping their new website fresh. Evolution offers a broad range of assistance from the simple (website content loading, DNN administration, basic module configuration) to the more complex (code modifications, platform/module updates and training). Perhaps most importantly, you will have an assigned project manager who will regularly communicate with you about your goals and objectives, keeping your Engage Evolution team focused on the priorities that matter to you and helping you continually improve upon your initial investment.


  • Content Management
  • Basic Front-End Changes
  • CMS Admin Changes and Training
  • Content Migration
  • Help Desk Support

Strategic Consulting

To be successful your organization must have a plan and your digital project is no exception. Engage offers comprehensive consulting services that include information and application architecture assessment, web consulting, strategic planning, UI/UX development, security consulting and auditing. Our process will identify your target audience and business goals which we will use to create a specific plan of action for your business. Contact Engage for a strategic consultation today!

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not what it once was. A comprehensive digital strategy should include not only SEO, but also social marketing, paid search advertising, content marketing, email marketing and display. Engage Software is your business’s digital marketing partner. We get familiar with your business and vertical to see how you can make the largest impact. Our evaluation process includes a competitive analysis of your industry and a thorough evaluation of your current assets. We then tailor our strategy to your individual business needs.

Dynamic Team Augmentation

When a client needs a dedicated individual or team to augment their existing staff for short periods of engagement, Engage can provide project managers, designers, DNN administrators, content loaders, front-end developers, back-end developers on a contract basis. Commitments can be as short as one week. Schedule your consultation with an Engage expert today!

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