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The FCKEditor for Content Administrators

By Rich Campbell

At Engage we do a lot of cool work with websites, and when we hand-off the projects there is always a pang in my heart that I’m sure parents feel when they see their child off to summer camp for the first time. “Will the website survive all the bullies? I hope they don’t learn curse words (bad markup).” One of the major benefits to working with a content management system like DotNetNuke is that you can distribute content administration privileges to users who wouldn’t normally manage a website. The tools DNN provides help to make editing content easy. But this can also lead to a website that looks like it is managed by multiple people with various ideas on what looks good (font sizes, font styles…).

At Engage we utilize a number of tactics to help ensure that websites can be properly maintained after the hand-off from our implementation services to our customers ownership and management of their site. On my personal blog, I outlined some tricks we use to make the FCKEditor (the Rich Text Editor in DNN) really easy and fool-proof for content administrators. Check out how to optimize the FCKEditor for DNN on my personal site. If you’re interested in some of the other tactics (hints: advanced skinning tricks, custom training…) we use, please contact us about how to make your DNN site really hum.

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