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Inroducing Engage: Folio, another free skin!

By Anthony Overkamp

Engage: Folio a free skin package for DotNetNuKe

I am very excited to introduce Engage: Folio, a minimal skin utilizing some CSS3 and javascript to give your site some style! Engage: Folio is based on another free wordpress template, Simple Folio created by Slimmity. We created containers to mimic the styles usd on the Simple Folio demo page, and created a custom rotator template to resemble the image slider featured. Look for that template in the next release of Engage: Rotator later this month!

The skin uses pure CSS wthout grahics. This brings attention to your content, increase the flexibility of the skin, and optimizes the site for faster performance. Cufon, a combination of a text generator and javascript, is used to achieve the non-web font. Simply remove the sccript from the skin files to revert back to a selectable web safe font. CSS3 is used to create the rounded corners found in this skin. Currently, border radius is supported by Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Internet Explorer users will see squared edges, until the support for border-radius is there (IE9). The CSS is well commented for easy customization.

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