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An Updated DotNetNuke CSS Selector Skin Object

By Brian Dukes

A couple of years back, we released a free DotNetNuke skin object that we created which allowed users of your website to select from CSS styling options, e.g. select between Narrow, Wide, or Full width. A few people found it and liked it, but there was one big issue that some people had. It only allowed you to use images for the selections. So, in the above example, “N,” “W,” and “F” are images, instead of being text/links.

We recently gave one of our interns the task of turning this thing around so that you can provide a fully customizable template for the options. Feel free to register on our site and grab it for yourself (for free). It is a DNN skin object and compatible with DNN 5.0 and up.

In addition to updating the functionality, we also created a real installable package (it was completely manual before) and released the source with it, so you can make changes if you need something tweaked.

For users of the original version, the syntax is a little different, so it’s not just installing the new package and going with it (though, if you don’t want to make changes, there’s probably not a good reason to upgrade). The module includes thorough documentation to cover the new syntax for using the skin object in your skins.

Please visit our support forums if you have any issues, or if you want to let us know what you think.

Planning a DNN upgrade? Download our guide