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Automating Development Processes with Open Source Tools

By Rich Campbell

"Automating Development Processes with Open Source Tools," a presentation I gave last week at the St. Louis Day of .NET conference, provided an introduction to continuous integration using Subversion and CruiseControl.NET.

My goal with the presentation was to introduce the fundamental concepts behind continuous integration and some tools commonly used by those who practice continuous integration in their development.


If you weren’t able to make the presentation, or if you did and would like to reference the slide deck or check out some of the resources, I’ve included all of that information below:

Question and Answer

One question I received after the presentation was "How do I set up CruiseControl.NET to deploy my app to test and to production?" While I expressed some reservations about automating deployment to production, the fundamental question of deploying the same application to two places is sound. To accomplish this one would create two project entries in their ccnet.config file. The contents of each of these project elements could be very similar, however one would end up actually placing the files in a different location.

Lastly, I've placed a screenshot of the configuration file that I used in the presentation below for reference.


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