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DNNCon 2014 – A Tight Knit Community with a Bright Future Ahead

By Rich Campbell

The Engage team recently got back from attending DNNCon 2014 in West Palm Beach, Florida. As this was my first time attending DNNCon, I did not know what to expect. The whole weekend ended up being a exciting experience for me.

Friday night was the welcome party, where I got to meet and network with many DNN community members. Seeing how close the community was inspired me. It was nice to experience how well everyone in the community got along and seemed to know each other really well, like a reunion of old friends.

There were some fascinating sessions on my first day. The keynote, given by the VP of Technology & Community Relations and Co-Founder of DNN Corp., Joe Brinkman, was not only exciting in light of the growing support of the community, but also insightful as Joe shared his plans and vision for the direction DNN is headed for the future. I can look forward to being able to build MVC modules in v7.5, and to all the exciting, new changes coming in DNN vNext. I also attended several worthwhile sessions. Mitchel Sellers’s presentations on handling high traffic loads within DNN sites and working the DNN API’s for reusability were both worthwhile. Bogdan Litescu’s presentation on the new Sharp Look theme framework was awesome, and it was of real interest to see the easy customization of HotCakes Commerce presented by Will Strohl.

One of the highlights was the pride in seeing my friends and co-workers honored. It was awesome to see Brian Dukes and Oliver Hine become returning DNN MVPs. Plus, Brian gave a really great talk on Contributing to Open Source Projects on Github based on his experiences as a community contributor for the DNN Platform on GitHub.

After the sessions, there were closing ceremonies with some fun Ignite sessions (15 presentation slides in 15 seconds), a generous presentation by the community to the Place of Hope charity and a raffle (I missed out on the Surface Pro and the Xbox One but walked away with a nice book on ASP.NET 4.5).

Of course, the event closed off with the raucous DNN After Dark party. And there was much revelry.

All in all, I really enjoyed the DNNCon conference. It was a great opportunity to meet many of the DNN community members in person. I develop on DNN every single day, but it was a real treat to be able to go to West Palm Beach to learn some new things about the platform. I look forward to the future of the DNN Platform and what it may bring.

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