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Why we shared the DNN love at iheartdnn.com

By Jason Stone

This morning Engage re-launched the website iheartdnn.com as a DotNetNuke community endeavor, inviting clients and competitors alike to participate. Here's why:


Before today you may have seen the t-shirts or the tweets or the company photo on LinkedIn. You may have heard someone at Engage speak about our passion and sole commitment to DNN. You may have known that we've been with DNN from the beginning, since ibuyspy, since our modules were sold on Snowcovered, since the partner program was invented, since the Gold level was released.

Or not.

If you missed all that you might not already know how passionate Engage is about the platform. And I ♥ DNN has sprung from that passion.

There were a number of events that came together to bring about the new site...

At DNN World 2012 we launched the initial I ♥ DNN contest campaign. After years of getting fun feedback on our conference tees, this time we knew we’d struck on something better than just a cool shirt. We had something that captured for other attendees what we felt about the brand. It could have ended there and a new and different t-shirt would have graced our table next year, but....

Engage was invited to attend the DotNetNuke Partner Advisory Council meeting in late February where we were treated to a sneak peek of the then soon-to-be-released DNN Social. This was something new. Something dramatically different and bigger than the CMS. This was a cool tool with lot of potential in the right hands. It was the next thing about DNN to fall in love with, and. plus...

Community is at the core of DNN. There’s good reason people love those shirts as much as we do. There’s something about DNN that resonates for its developers and client base alike. There’s good reason over a million people have contributed to over 800,000 production websites. And there’s a good reason we wanted a venue of our own making to share.

It’s you, the DNN community, our friends and a family.

So, we've built you a very basic site. At launch the bells and whistles are deliberately limited. We want you to plant the seeds that it will grow from. If you give us your input, we’ll give you our effort in return. We want you to share your ideas, your inspirations, challenges and experiences.

We want you to share the love. Go ahead. You know you want to... iheartdnn.com

In his Ignite presentation at Day of DNN, Chris Hammond encouraged the crowd to get more involved in the DNN community. He spoke to the open source history of DotNetNuke. He reminded the audience that it was the initiative of its fans and users that led the product to what it is today. He was impassioned and outspoken.

Will Strohl followed up on Chris's pitch with a blog series of a similar vein entitled “Participate.”.

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