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Engage AMS Features

Membership Management

Engage AMS includes the full membership process from an application for different membership levels, through approval, email triggers and dues payments to profiles and a directory.

  • Member application & approval workflow with form builder for application-specific questions
  • Pay membership dues & renewals online with optional installment payments
  • Member-only content and events
  • Searchable member directory
application process

Application Process

Member applications are configurable to collect desired data. They may be free or fee-based. Content can be collected by our form builder which includes radio buttons, open text (short- and long-form), pre-filled drop-down menus, file uploads, etc. Content may be optional or required at the admin’s discretion.

Pricing (Application, Membership Fees, Events, Products/Materials)

Pricing for memberships, events and donations is fully configurable by the site admin. Configurations include but are not limited to: Pricing by membership type, coupon/discount codes, pro-ration, sale pricing, and volume discounting.

dues payments

Dues Payments

Membership application fees may be processed directly through the solution or invoiced at your administrator’s discretion. Billing can be due all at once or broken into payments with a balance carried forward. Admins may manually prorate membership fees for mid-term applicants. The system includes all the functionality for billing of renewals (individually or in bulk).

Member Billing

Currently, Engage offers either a Calendar-year (January to December) or 12-month rolling calendar for membership terms. Fees may be prorated by the site admin.

Member Accounts/Profiles

Accounts are highly configurable to include unlimited associated fields. Accounts may have associated permissions within the CMS to allow the user to see (or prevent him or her from seeing) content, events, fees, etc. based on their membership type. i.e. a student/intern member may have access to the view the job board and apply for position, but would not have access to post a job. Whereas a Corporate member would have access to post a job.

Member Roles

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