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developing since 1999

DNN Development Services

We've been developing custom DNN applications since the inception of DotNetNuke in 2003.  We're a full-service web development and software development agency with experience handling enterprise-level DNN projects through entry-level DNN (DotNetNuke) websites.

We are so invested in this .NET platform that we became the first DotNetNuke Partner in 2008. Our team continued to advance their skills and leveraged them into a full training suite, which earned us the title of Official Training Partner until 2010 when DNN Software purchased the training program from us and employee, Chris Hammond, became the DNN Director of Training for many years.

Our developers are just as invested in DNN and other .NET platforms today as we were back then.  As a DNN Advanced developer, we are true experts who are focused and committed to the DNN framework, community, and clients. We specialize in enterprise-level, custom development projects.

Our developers have exceptional knowledge of DotNetNuke and regularly speak at DNN Summit, a conference featuring leading professionals from around the world discussing the latest design, development and internet trends affecting the DNN platform.  

More than 700,000 business websites and online platforms are currently running DNN (dotnetnuke) as their website and application management system. Why?

  • Streamlined and Simplified Content Management
  • Industry-leading security features
  • Module-oriented development
  • Open-source (free) version available
  • Ease of custom development

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DNN Enterprise Development Examples

DNN Enterprise Developer

DNN Development for a Marketing Team

Have you ever said, “I wish my website did (insert your business need here)”? 

For Beekley Medical, the Engage team designed & developed a robust administrative tool for Beekley.com for the marketing team to build out a creative mega menu, manage their categories and subcategories, and publish new pages.  The magic behind this, is that the pages are integrated with Beekley’s previous systems for document management, product listings, sampling & quote requests, and shopping cart experience.

DNN Development on Theme Design

On FVTC.edu, we performed a complete redesign to create a fresh, modern, and easy-to-use site for both the end-user and the marketing team. The FVTC.edu includes custom open-content templates to meet their many different use-case scenarios, a homepage banner with the ability to schedule out different banners, and a restyled news articles module to fit the new designs.

DNN Software Development Project
DotNetNuke Software Development Project

DNN Development to Improve Process

For one customer, the big ask was data consolidation. Before we built a custom module, whenever they wanted to add another "Special Offer", they would have to make changes to 1) the HTML table, 2) the downloadable excel file, 3) the downloadable PDF file. Now with the custom module they can use a UI to input "Special Offer" data ONCE and have the excel and pdf files generated from the single source of data.

What is the DNN framework?

The DNN framework is an open-source web content management system and web application framework based on Microsoft's .NET. The mission of DNN is to provide the tools to companies and individuals to create rich, engaging online experiences that can turn your ideas into revenue.

What is the DNN open-sourced (free) version?

The DNN Platform is the base-level of the DNN system.  It is open-source software for website management that does not require a high technical knowledge level. Open-source means that #1 it’s free and #2 it has a community of developers who consistently make updates to it.  Engage’s own Brian Dukes is one of those developers. The DNN platform comes with a set of core DNN modules that cover most of the basic management features. It also allows for the use of third-party-developed DNN modules that add unique functionality and features.

The core advantages of the DNN platform over competing content management systems are the endless possibilities for customization, state-of-the-art security features that businesses require, and the ease-of-use that every content manger seeks. In addition to the free DNN version, DNN also offers licensed versions, DNN Evoq Basic* and DNN Evoq Content*, with more advanced features.

DotNetNuke Custom Theme Design

Have you ever worked on a design for your site only to find those designs are not feasible with your current tools? You’re not alone. We were approached by a company who did just that. They had a design and they had a DNN site, they just couldn’t mesh the two. We had to tell them that with their current theme and tools, it was going to be quite expensive to implement their vision. What should they have done instead? At a minimum, they could have worked with their DNN development team (Engage) beforehand to be sure their design ideas could be implemented in reality. With more than 15 years of creative work on the DNN platform (even pre-dotnetnuke design services!), we have helped our clients’ sites shine. Modern, clean aesthetics are at the core of all our projects and since our team consists of DNN experts, we can create beautiful designs that work.

DNN (DotNetNuke) Support and Consulting

Has your DNN website ever had weird stuff happen and you don’t know what to do? You’ve got a DNN site that’s been working for years. Suddenly you have issues and now you need immediate DotNetNuke help and support.  That happened to American Classic Images. Their site had been running great for 15 years and then all of sudden, it crashed. After doing some digging, we discovered the culprit - a 3rd-party module that had been upgraded was pulling in the images in a different way causing them to be super large. Normally, this would just cause a site to run slowly, but due to the number of images being served, it caused the site to crash. If something like this happens to you or perhaps you had a staffer who was responsible for the website but now they’re gone. We can help by providing DNN support and consulting. We have a staff full of DNN developers and DNN administrators. As your trusted DNN development partner, we provide you with a slew of services to keep your DNN website running, ADA compliant, the technology up-to-date, and looking its best.

DNN (DotNetNuke) Training

The original dot net nuke software was more of a developer-only CMS. It has since evolved to be more attractive to marketing, introducing more do-it-yourself administrative functionality over time. Even things we come to know as “easy” start with a slight learning curve (do you remember what it was like to get your first smart phone?). The same goes for your content management system and DNN CMS is no exception. While there are a wealth of online resources to learn how to use DNN, if you don’t have the time or inclination to be self taught, we can provide you with DNN training. Brian Dukes, who has been repeatedly bestowed the MVP by the DNN software development community, leads the Engage training on the core system functionality, while Anthony Overkamp, Engage’s Creative Director and go-to speaker on theme design at DNN conferences, leads the training on DNN themes and site design.

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