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Engage AMS Features

Content Management

Engage will provide and build a website using one of our existing themes. Engage AMS functionality is fully integrated within this website. From here, you can build pages and author content or we can assist you with migrating your existing content.

Open Source CMS

Built using DNN, this open source CMS (Content Management System) is fully integrated and extensible. It includes an in-page WYSIWYG editor for rich content (text, image and video) as well as the functionality expected from any modern CMS (e.g. drag & drop navigation, SEO friendly URLs, spell checking, image resizing, search, etc.).

open source

Role-based Permissions

All users can be assigned roles and permissions related to their position within your association or related to their membership type. Once an admin has signed in, he/she will have total access to the CMS and the AMS. For instance, leadership could be assigned at the Admin level, while the website manager might be granted permissions at the content manager level. This allows that person to edit the website but not have access to other reporting, membership management tools, and/or financial data. Members can be allowed to access certain pieces of your site based on their membership type. For example, a student/intern member would have read-only access to the job board, where as a Corporate member would have job posting ability.

role-based permissions

Why DNN?

DNN (formerly known as DotNetNuke) launched in 2003 and has become the world’s leading .Net CMS. You could not be in better hands than team Engage. Engage was the official DNN training partner until 2010, at which time, DNN acquired the training program. Team Engage remains a DNN Advanced partner. We chose the .Net platform (over a PHP platform) because it is a first-tier developer’s platform, which means that every college computer science major can develop and customize a .Net site. Plus, DNN is easier to develop for integrations and customizations of which team Engage has done thousands.


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