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#2 Define a Clear Purpose for the Website 

Successful websites are much more than just aesthetically pleasing. They need to have a defined purpose and main objective. To fully understand your association’s goals, your team needs to sit down and have an open discussion about the organization, its members, and what needs to be emphasized in order to see a great return on investment.

If you feel like you are stuck in this stage of the process, consider some of the following questions: 
• Why do we need a new website? 
• What is the main objective of having this website? 
• Is it to list upcoming events and allow members to register online? 
• Is it to promote members through a provider directory or a marketplace listing? 
• Is it to be an educational platform for the industry? 

When associations are not clear on their website’s purpose, they will not be clear on what their website strategy should be, resulting in possible extended timelines and going over budget. 

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