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About Engage

Web Development Experts

Engage has been building websites, mobile apps, and custom software since 1999. Customers rely on our consulting, design, and development expertise. We hang our hat on the hard stuff like CMS, CRM and AMS integrations, but at the end of the day, we all enjoy making the web a better place.

When building websites we don't always use a CMS, but when we do it's DNN. And our expertise with DNN is unrivaled, backed by our rich past of developing DNN modules, contributing to the community online, speaking at DNN and tech events, as well as being the Official DNN Training Provider until selling our training program to DNN Software in 2010. Our team wrote the curriculum and even though we sold the official program, we still provide training to our clients.  We remain a committed DNN Partner, active community members and open-source contributors.

Industry Expertise

Our projects take us from coast-to-coast and around the world with customers of all sizes, across a variety of industries. We have become well-known for our expertise in working with franchises, large associations and non-profits, and partnering with marketing and ad agencies.

Association & Nonprofit

Our experience has given us insight into the unique intricacies of this market. We know what works and what doesn’t to help member-based associations and nonprofits build a web presence that adds value to the organization and its members alike. Through our work with associations, Engage has designed and developed the SaaS platform, Engage AMS.

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Franchise & Multi-Location

Engage not only creates professional, elegant designs for franchisors’ web and mobile sites, but also provides the technical expertise to ensure full site functionality and a positive user experience.

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Marketing and advertising agencies already have the creative strategy and marketing tactics in place for their clients, and we know agencies have in-house web development skills, but what do you do when a client needs a site that requires highly technical skills for software and database integration that are beyond your capabilities?

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Engage Sports provides a full SaaS solution that covers all of the needs of your sporting organization, from league management to online registration. Whether you manage a league, club, tournament, team or event, Engage Sports provides the right tools to simplify any process of online sports management. Discover how attractive websites, powerful tools and innovative products will take your sports organization to the next level.

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The History of Engage Software

On May 26, 1999, Henry Kenuam, Kevin O'Brien, and I (Rich Campbell) founded Emerging Technologies Group (dba Engage Software). We knew the odds were against us when we each left our programing jobs to come together. More than 90 percent of tech startups fail within their first five years of existence. The key to Engage’s success is simple, but not easy. We don’t just adapt to change, we embrace change and sometimes we’re even the change agents. Engage started with full-time consulting engagements at large, local companies. Over time, we incorporated website development and custom software development into our services. Leveraging our expertise in Microsoft technologies, in 2003, we became an active contributor to the open-source DNN (formerly DotNetNuke) content management platform. With DNN core project team members, industry conference speakers, and DNN book authors on our staff, we have held a respected position of leadership and expertise within the DNN community. Engage retains its DNN proficiency, but we continually demonstrate our value as a full-service web developers whose capabilities extend beyond a single platform to include front-and back-end development, responsive and mobile-optimized design, end-to-end project management, marketing automation, and analytics and digital strategy. We bring a strong philosophy of customer collaboration to all our projects. We see projects as partnerships and our goals for a project are to attain short-term success (on-time and on-budget) while positioning our customers for sustained success. To do this, we include training in all our projects and empower our customers to be successful owners after handoff. This hard-earned credibility has made Engage a trusted partner for advertising and marketing agencies, as they look to us to provide technical expertise to complement their in-house design talent. While we work with medium to large organizations in a range of industries, Engage has recently found success in the association/nonprofit and franchise markets.

2006: Engage Sports

In 2006, we built Engage Sports to streamline the administrative processes involved in managing a sports league.

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2010: DNN Training

As DNN experts since 2003, we developed a full suite of DNN training tools. In 2010, DNN Corp. bought the training program from us. However, we do still offer support and training for our clients.

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2016: Engage Evolution

In 2016, we launched our Engage Evolution service model, which employs Agile methodology, to provide our clients with proactive services to keep their website fresh years after the site’s initial launch.

Evolution Details

2017: Engage AMS

In 2017, Engage launched our SaaS Association Management System, Engage AMS.

Engage AMS Details

2020: Acquisition of SMB Creative Group

In Janauary of 2020, SMB Creative Group with its Connecting Members SaaS product became a part of the Engage Software family.

Connecting Members Details

Dec 2020: Launch of Engage Digital Services

Just shy of one year after acquiring SMB Creative Group, Engage Digital Services was born of the combined skillsets for digital marketing and analytics as well as Search Engine Optimization.

Engage Digital Services Details

2021: New SaaS Products & Partnerships

In 2021, we launched Faith Enroll, a religious education enrollment and management web suite built leveraging the Engage Sports registration tools. We also formed a new partnership with Catholic Faith Technologies.

Faith Enroll Details

2022-2023: Contractor Time

In beta testing is a new SaaS product called Contractor Time. Contractor Time is a web-based tool for managing an offsite workforce, such as construction workers, cleaning services, pet sitters, and more. This tool allows admins the ability to schedule and manage their workers, communicate through the app, and set geo-fencing for clock-in/clock-out capabilities.

Contractor Time Details

Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission: Develop trust through collaboration and continuously deliver valuable software, creating meaningful long-term partnerships with our customers. Create a flourishing environment for motivated teams through flexible, sustainable practices and a focus on technical excellence.

Vision: Leading our customers to evolve better ways of developing complex software that stands the test of time through deep, team-based collaboration.


  • Transparency & Honesty
  • People over processes or tools
  • Family-friendly, flexible environment
  • Sustainable pace
  • Support & safety
  • Autonomy and trust
  • Continuous improvement through reflection
  • Face-to-face collaboration (video call)
  • Challenging & fun environment

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