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Engage Announces Top 5 Web Design & Development Trends for 2016

According to St. Louis-based web developer, 2016 trends will focus on improving the user experience (UX), effectively curating content and establishing consistency across devices

Engage, experts in the design and development of web and mobile solutions for enterprises, announces the top five web design and development trends for 2016. According to the firm, trends for the year ahead will focus on improving the user experience (UX), effectively curating content and establishing consistency across various devices.

The following are Engage’s top five web design and development trends for 2016:
1. Content-first Design: Curating good, useful content is key to delivering a better UX and effectively supporting business goals. Content-first design involves first establishing a content strategy and clean information architecture, and then building the site around that content. This means cutting out “fluff” and honing in on the point of your website. Quality over quantity.

2. UI Patterned-based Sites: User Interface (UI) patterned-based sites help improve the UX and streamline specific interactions – visitors know exactly what to do and where to go. Designed with the end-user in mind, UI patterned-based sites provide a more unified experience on the website. Forms, online shopping carts, and mobile menus are examples of features that utilize UI patterns.

3. Hamburger Menus: Designed for touch and used mostly for mobile websites, hamburger menus (the three horizontal lines that hide a navigation pattern) are now making their way to desktops. Although better suited for simpler sites with minimal navigation, hamburger menus help provide a consistent UX across all devices. But, be cautious with this design element as out of sight can mean out of mind.

4. Animations, Video and Motion: Animations, video and motion are becoming easier to produce and show on a website, especially on mobile devices. Animations, such as buttons that change color when clicked, enhance the UX and add an element of enjoyment. Motion and video are great for better expressing ideas rather than text-heavy explanations. However, to be effective, these features must be done subtly and done well so that they don’t affect load time or overwhelm the user.

5. Material Design: Created by Google, material design aims to create a clean, modernistic design that focuses on UX. While flat, or minimalist, design is not going away soon, material design is evolving. This trend incorporates visual details, animations, shadows and depth effects to further engage the user.

Anthony Overkamp, creative director, Engage, said, “Providing a greater user experience is at the forefront of web design in 2016. And, UX is not just about making the site speedy or visually appealing – it is about making the site more enjoyable to use. Sprinkling in subtle animations, making interactions clear and accessible, and crafting content with users’ context in mind (where they are, what they are doing when they visit the site), go a long way in driving conversions and promoting the brand.”

About Engage
Engage is a full-service design and development firm whose experts create custom, high-quality web and mobile solutions for enterprises. Founded in 1999, Engage leverages the flexibility and scalability of the DNN-powered Evoq™ Content and Social management solutions to help businesses turn their ideas into elegantly crafted, professional websites. The DNN Platform is a well-established content management system (CMS) native to Microsoft .NET. Whether working directly with medium and large organizations, including franchises, nonprofits and associations, or collaborating with an agency, Engage positions its clients for success. Headquartered in St. Louis, Engage is both a DNN Certified Partner and a Microsoft Partner.
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