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Cassidy Turley Commercial Real Estate

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Before being acquired by DTZ in 2015, Cassidy Turley provided commercial real estate services with over 455 million square feet of managed space, 60 offices, 21 national markets. Engage helped Cassidy Turley redesign their previous DotNetNuke website with a new focus on social media.

Cassidy Turley grew by acquiring smaller brokers in many different markets and was seeking a way for brokers to share knowledge in a centralized place. Engage moved in to help them create an intranet and a Client Relationship Database (CRD) to host all of this data and give brokers a place to share and interact. The Client Relationship Database (CRD) is application that is built on DNN as a standalone module that works as a plugin to a dashboard. Cassidy Turley was so pleased with Engage's work and DNN expertise that the project expanded to a complete site redesign, a DNN upgrade, and the creation of many custom modules. The ongoing relationship with CT and Engage blossomed and soon all of CT DNN work was sourced to Engage as a partner with their web team.


Client Relationship Database (CRD)

Cassidy Turley's Client Relationship Database (CRD) application enabled Cassidy Turley employees to work together with their clients who had needs in multiple markets in one centralized place. Brokers have quick and easy access to critical, relevant information, improved internal communication and a reinforced corporate culture throughout their company. The system not only promoted internal collaboration, best practices and information sharing across the company, but decentralized content creation and management with guidelines for use, publishing and administration. Through the use of the site both network and non-network users of Cassidy Turley can access and obtain the latest news, statistics, HR info, etc.

Key Goals

  • Create a Centralized System
  • Consistency with the Corporate Culture
  • Eliminate Network Login


Series of Custom Modules

Engage Software developed a handful of custom DNN modules to provide easy and fast communication, making engagement a breeze for Cassidy Turley's network of users. From simple social media tie-ins to alerts and click tracking, admins and brokers had the information they needed at their fingertips.


  • Custom Twitter widget that works without having to add embedded code, taking advantage of templates and updating feeds by twitter user name.
  • A simple job notification module that allows users to subscribe to job notifications, alerting them by email when jobs become available.
  • Implemented Engage: Locator for all their office locations making finding an office efficient and easy.
  • Social Integration for Hub Spot/Google Analytics special click tracking allowing Cassidy Turley to feature content from their site into social channels and vice-versa while also allowing admins access to view tracking data.
  • Using the existing data, Engage created a Media Spotlight module that displays Cassidy Turley’s latest media news giving users instant access to news and information.


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Abadi Kurniawan Senior Developer
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Brian Dukes Chief Technology Officer
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Anthony Overkamp Creative Director
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Rich Campbell Project Manager
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