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DNN Upgrades

Upgrading DNN to the Latest Version

We've been working with DNN since its inception.  We are so invested in this .NET platform that we became the first DotNetNuke Partner in 2008. Our team continued to advance their skills and leveraged them into a full training suite, which earned us the title of Official Training Partner until 2010 when DNN Software purchased the training program from us.

So to say that we know what we're doing is an understatement.  It takes serious skill to perform major version upgrades, ensuring 3rd party  module compatibility along the way.  A major DNN version means going from v7 to v8. v8 to v9.  A minor version upgrade means going from v9.2.2 to v9.10.2 - we are staying within the major version of v9. 

To upgrade your site, our expert developers will obtain a back up of your site and perform the DNN upgrade on a local dev site and will document any issues encountered along the way.  Then, we will deploy the newly upgraded local site to a sandbox/test site, re-install modules, upgrade those that need it, etc.  Upon a clean QA from both Engage and the client, we will prep for go live.  Go live of a DNN upgraded site generally happens in 2 possible ways. 

#1 - We overlay the current production site with new, upgraded site.

#2 - Deploy the upgraded site to the production server and make a DNS switch to point the prod URL to the new site.

The complete process can take as little as a week depending on the complexity of the site and time committed to QA.  We generally estimate a 2-week process and highly recommend that the current live site goes on a content freeze.

How do you know what version of DNN your site is on?

After loggin in, hover over the DNN logo in the upper left hand corner.  In the image below, the version is v. 09.03.02.  

How do you know what the latest version is?

DNN publishes the latest releases on their licensed version, Evoq.  In that table, they indicate what the latest version of DNN platform is.

As of Sept 2022, the latest version of DNN platform is 9.11   You can follow the DNN Release chatter in Github.

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