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Migrate to DNN Safely

Do You Need to Convert Evoq to DNN?

With the cost of the DNN Evoq license increasing by 25% each year, many companies are evaluating whether or not the features of Evoq are being used and if they should convert their site(s) to the free, open-source DNN platform.

We get asked these questions all of the time on how to downgrade Evoq to DNN:

  • How do I convert my Evoq website to the FREE DNN Community Platform?
  • How can i migrate my site from Evoq to DNN?
  • Can I downgrade Evoq to DNN?

Our answer is that with proper planning and execution it's possible to make this move.  We've completed many successful migrations and can help you plan your transition. Continue reading below for the steps on how to downgrade from Evoq to DNN.

Steps for Converting Evoq to DNN Community

Migrate Evoq to DNN

  1. Review your current site(s) to determine which modules and extensions from Evoq are in use.  You will not be able to use these modules on DNN.  
  2. Develop a plan for switching these modules to a new open-source version.
  3. If your using workflows, develop a new system to replace workflow approvals.
  4. Create a new back-up of the Evoq site's file system and database.
  5. Create a duplicate local development site.
  6. Install any needed DNN modules and convert the content from the Evoq module ot the new DNN module.
  7. Convert the entire site so that no content is in Evoq modules.
  8. QA (review) the website for any issues.
  9. Fix any issues, document the fix and retest.
  10. Upon a clear QA, the live site should go under a content freeze.  
  11. Create a fresh back-up again, restore to the test site and repeat the steps.
  12. All teams perform a QA -- IT, marketing, leadership, etc. 
  13. Fix any issues.
  14. Upon a clear QA, push/deploy the test sites to the production servers effectively overlaying the old Evoq site.
  15. Again, all teams should do a QA to ensure a successful deployment.
  16. Fix any remaining issues if any.

As DNN experts, Engage has performed this conversion for many clients and we can do the same for you.  Pricing will vary depending on the simplicity and/or complexity of your site configuartion and module deployment.  Please use the form below to contact us for a FREE evaluation.


The most important piece to keep in mind is that DNN requires the Evoq license renewal to be in place 60 days before your license actually expires.  Therefore, diligent planning is needed to ensure a successful transition before the expiration. It is recommendated that you allow yourself at least 120 days to begin implementing your migration.

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