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Design & theme build

Website Design Services


If you already have a graphic designer on staff or a creative agency on retainer, but lack the experience of DNN theme development, particularly regarding responsive design and web accessibility, Engage can partner with you to offer that expertise to the effort.  The graphic artist or agency provides the designs and we build the mobile-first, ADA Compliant theme.

Fill-in-the-Gap Designs:

The new site design has wireframes and some rough mock-ups, but you need an expert to take it all the way.   

It’s not uncommon for new clients to come to Engage with mock ups, like FVTC (see below) that are not quite web-ready, particularly for mobile-ready, responsive design. Engage is adept at taking your initial design and fleshing out those concepts.

Custom Web Design:


You know you need a website to help grow your business.  But, how do you organize everything that you do into a visually-appealing website that actually gets results and is mobile-repsonsive and has a great UX and is ADA Compliant, and so on, and so on....??
Whether you're starting from scratch or with an old site that's due for a major upheaval, Engage will help you dream it and then we'll design, develop, deliver, and you'll be delighted.

Small Business Design & Theme:

Ideal for small businesses and organizations, this packaged approach to a website offers up to 10 pages of content on a configurable, templated theme leveraging our Connecting Members tools.

Hosting, content management and site administration are included.

Why Design & Develop on DNN?

More than 700,000 business websites and online platforms are currently running DNN (dotnetnuke) as their website and application management system. Why?

  • Streamlined and Simplified Content Management
  • Industry-leading security features
  • Module-oriented development
  • Open-source (free) version available
  • Ease of custom development

Get Started

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DNN Design Examples

DNN Enterprise Developer

DNN Design for a Marketing Team

Have you ever said, “I wish my website did (insert your business need here)”? 

For Beekley Medical, the Engage team designed & developed a robust administrative tool along with a complete site redesign for Beekley.com.  The admin tool allows the marketing team to build out a creative mega menu, manage their categories and subcategories, and publish new pages.  The new site design leveraged data first and the data showed that Search is the primary function.  So, we made Search front and center while also creating a new, storytelling experience on the product pages.

Fill-in-the-Gaps Theme Design

On FVTC.edu, we performed a complete redesign leveraging the rough mock-ups created by the marketing team to build a fresh, modern, and easy-to-use site for both the end-user and the marketing team. The FVTC.edu includes custom open-content templates to meet their many different use-case scenarios, a homepage banner with the ability to schedule out different banners, and a restyled news articles module to fit the new designs.

DNN Software Development Project
Brochure website example

DNN Brochure Site Example

For many small businesses, including churches, dioceses, and Knights of Columbus, our Connecting Members team designs the theme, builds the content, and provides ongoing support.

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