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#7 Establish a Projected Timeline 

In addition to your budget, it is important to develop a projected timeline. For those who are new to the website development process, you can expect to spend a few hours working on your website every week. This time will be spent on various tasks that include, but are not limited to: site reviews, sending feedback and writing new copy for your site. The more in depth you plan on making your website, the more time you will have to factor into your completion date. 

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, developing a website is an investment in both time and money. Make it count and utilize the readily available tools, such as Google Analytics and Bing Webmaster, to accurately and efficiently monitor traffic and engagement. Once you have this information, make it useful by digging deep into the data to uncover what is working and what isn’t. These valuable insights into why visitors come to, stay on and leave your website help your association maximize results and ensure your newly developed website performs above and beyond your standards. 

Thank You for Reading 
We hope our 7 Tips for Developing a Successful Association Website is of use to your association website efforts. If you need assistance, Engage Software is happy to help. 

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