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Web Design and Development for Franchisors

Your website is a key to demonstrating your brand’s quality and the value you bring to your customers. Engage not only creates professional, elegant designs for  franchisors’ web and mobile sites, but also provides the technical expertise to ensure full site functionality and a positive user experience.

Multi-tenancy and Multiple Site Management

Rather than allowing each individual franchisee to build his or her own website, we take the strategy of starting at the top – the corporate site – and use the DNN multi-portal capabilities or build out a new approach similar to Innovative Staff Solutions (see sidebar), to create a multi-tenant environment that houses an unlimited number of franchisee websites. As a result of the platform’s flexibility, we can help franchisors quickly and cost-effectively create additional sites as new locations open and easily update existing sites, all while maintaining control of branding from location to location.

In addition, by enabling the management of multiple websites, we can help you establish user levels with varying permissions. This is a simple way to give different users – whether administrators in the corporate office or franchisee power users – the appropriate access to the site without sacrificing user experience.

Content and Knowledge Sharing

Retail, restaurant, e-commerce and hospitality corporations with franchise strategies can leverage our social collaboration tools to share content across the enterprise. By connecting franchise owners with one another, individuals can grasp a better understanding of strategies, marketing tactics, promotions and efforts that have been successful for other locations. This collaboration can lead to greater success among individual entities that, in turn, benefit the organization as a whole.

Mobile and Responsive Design for Franchises

Mobile – or responsive – web design has become a necessity, not just a trend. Engage builds mobile-first, ensuring that your site (and sub-sites) resize correctly regardless of the user’s device, whether smartphone, desktop or tablet. With a responsive site, you’ll ensure branding and content consistency along with a positive, seamless user experience across platforms.

Franchise Industries Served Include

  • Retail
  • Restaurant
  • Hospitality
  • e-commerce
  • …and more!

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With a history of working with some of today’s leading brands, Engage understands the idiosyncrasies of franchised organizations and knows how to best deploy website solutions that ensure brand consistency across your enterprise.

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