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Strong Partnerships

A common refrain when discussing how we work with our customers is that we’re a partner, not a vendor (in fact, we prefer the term “partner” over customer or client). The relationships that we have with our partners is a major component in creating success, for Engage and for our partners.

Engage’s vision is “Leading our customers to evolve better ways of developing complex software that stands the test of time through deep, team-based collaboration”. We envision our relationship with our partners as one of a virtuous cycle of growth, where we’re continually learning together how to better define and achieve success. Collaboration is based on trust across the whole team.

Developing trust is a process. It’s not something that can be sold during a sales meeting. Trust is earned through conversations and engagements. Sometimes our partners come to the table savvy and understand the importance of strong, trusting relationships and sometimes we must work very hard to achieve common ground.

We invest a tremendous amount of time getting to know and understanding the businesses of our partners, this is critical for successful partnerships. Honest and open dialog with individuals over time enables us to understand their passion, expertise, and goals, so that the product we’re building together reflects the business’ priorities.

Strong relationships are the foundation of great partnerships. We work to make sure that when our partners win, we win together.

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