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Working with Engage:

The Deeper Meaning Behind

Our Mission, Vision, and Values


Most companies have their Mission, Vision, and Values documented (ours are on the About page), but we wanted to take it further by expanding on what each one means - to explain the heart behind what Engage stands for and how we operate as well as give a peek into what it’s like to work with Engage.


Our mission statement describes our current working expectations, the activities and attitudes we plan and expect when we engage with our customers (as well as when working internally). Engage’s mission is as follows:

Develop trust through collaboration and continuously deliver valuable software, creating meaningful, long-term partnerships with our customers. Create a flourishing environment for motivated teams through flexible, sustainable practices and a focus on technical excellence.

Our goal is to become trusted, long-term partners with our customers. We recognize that our customers are creating custom software because their expertise can’t be expressed via off-the-shelf products, and so our work together will be most effective when Engage is a full participant in developing and enacting the strategy around our partners’ custom software. Instead of a vendor relationship where we just do what we’re told, we use our collaborative partnership to work as a team, delivering value to the business through our expertise. Our partners set the direction and help us understand their business, and Engage helps our partners understand the options, costs, and limitations so that together, we can pick the right approach. We do this continuously, usually reassessing and adjusting the direction every week or two, so everyone is sure that we’re not missing any opportunities and we’re delivering the value we expected.

The second half of the mission statement is more focused on how we work together as a team, which encompasses practices internal to Engage, but also includes how we bring representatives from our partners into the team to provide continual guidance. As creators of custom software, we’re not content to keep making the mistakes of yesteryear or get stuck in the patterns and practices that worked for us in 1999. Technical excellence means that, just like with the business value we deliver, we’re always reassessing how we do things and how to make it better (including reassessing the process of reassessing, and becoming better at getting better). As each team learns better ways of working together and working with each individual partner, we have the flexibility to experiment with process and practice changes, leading to teams who avoid burnout and work to create sustained motivation. Ultimately, everyone on the team, from software developers to designers, to product owners and experts, experiences being a part of our team as rewarding, productive, and effective, and finds themselves flourishing.


Engage’s vision statement communicates our future-looking hopes and plans and is a major component in evaluating internal business decisions. Engage’s vision is as follows:

Leading our customers to evolve better ways of developing complex software that stands the test of time through deep, team-based collaboration.

Engage wants to be a part of expanding the options available to our partners through using custom software to meet strategic goals, often in ways they (and even we) didn’t initially know was possible. We can achieve this through developing deep collaboration between our team and the strategists, experts, and decision makers of our partners, in part by inviting them in as full members of our team. The custom software that we create together can only stand the test of time when everyone on the whole team understands the trade-offs and limitations we make and how that serves our overall strategy. Lastly, Engage excels at taming the beast of complexity, and we do our best work when presented with challenges that bring out the best in everyone.


Engage’s values function as our code of ethics. When we’re stuck in a hard place and asking “can we do this” or “should we do this”, our values provide guidance around what we should do and what we won’t do.

  • Transparency & Honesty
  • People Over Processes or Tools
  • Family-friendly, Flexible Environment
  • Sustainable Pace
  • Support & Safety
  • Autonomy & Trust
  • Continuous Improvement Through Reflection
  • Face-to-Face Collaboration
  • Challenging & Fun Environment

#1 Transparency and Honesty

At Engage, we strive to be clear and open, both with our customers and with our employees. Scheduling issues between customers? Let’s talk about them and make sure everyone knows what we can and can’t deliver, and when. Budget concerns? Get them out on the table, explore options, and work together.

#2 People Over Processes or Tools

There are certainly benefits to standardizing on a set of processes and tools. However, with a team made up of many kinds of people, we often find that there are some processes or tools which aren’t the right fit for the team. Engage prefers to give teams the autonomy to adjust their usage of processes and tools so they can create an optimal approach to working together.

#3 Family-Friendly, Flexible Environment

We recognize that everyone has more important things to take care of than work. We want the employees of Engage to have fun and be motivated to work and collaborate to solve hard problems every day. But, when something more important comes up, we trust our employees to responsibly take care of what’s most important first.

#4 Sustainable Pace

With our intention to be long-term partners with our customers, Engage approaches our work with an eye to avoiding shortcuts. While there’s a place for short-term trade-offs, we get in the habit of keeping the long game in view. We know that we can get the best from our teams by making sure they’re balanced and focused, rather than rushed, stressed, and stretched thin.

Agile processes promote sustainable development. The sponsors, developers, and users should be able to maintain a constant pace indefinitely.

Source: Agile Manifesto Principles

#5 Support and Safety

When team members don’t feel safe to share their thoughts, the team can’t produce its best results, and the team members miss out on many of the benefits of working within a team. There’s no easy answer to making people feel supported and safe, so we constantly work to improve our attitudes, systems, policies, practices, and behaviors to help everyone know that their contributions are essential and valuable, and that it’s worth it to step out and bring up their concerns, insights, questions, and wonderings.

#6 Autonomy and Trust

Every team member is expected to deliver value to the team in the best way they know how. We actively avoid micromanaging team members, and trust them, together with the collective judgment of the team, to find the best activities to produce that value. We know that managers’ ideas can’t always be better than the ideas of other team members, and trusting team members to work in the best way they see will produce the best results from the whole team.

Build projects around motivated individuals. Give them the environment and support they need, and trust them to get the job done.

Source: Agile Manifesto Principles

#7 Continuous Improvement through Reflection

The best teams don’t just figure out one best way of working and leave it at that. There are always ways to improve, big and small. Whether it’s situations that change or people who learn about new options or brainstorm new ideas to try, we value regularly reflecting on how we’re working and experimenting to find improvements to our processes, procedures, and tools. We’re learning and growing together.

At regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective, then tunes and adjusts its behavior accordingly.

Source: Agile Manifesto Principles

#8 Face-to-Face Collaboration

Communication is the heartbeat of a team. We can’t build the right features in the best ways if we don’t all understand where we’re headed. As a result, we value working together and regularly meeting face-to-face (usually over video calls). While chat and email are convenient, and long-term documentation can be important, the regular rhythms of our teams involve hearing and looking at the same things together.

The most efficient and effective method of conveying information to and within a development team is face-to-face conversation.

Source: Agile Manifesto Principles

#9 Challenging and Fun Environment

We believe work should be enjoyable, with a minimum of low-skill work, while fostering an atmosphere of fun and not taking ourselves too seriously.


Engage strives to be a workplace where meaningful work is regularly completed by motivated individuals working in collaboration. We seek out fast feedback loops to continuously improve the outputs of our teams and the teams themselves.

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