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Top 10 tips in software selection for managing associations



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Engage is pleased to offer Top 10 Tips in Software Selection for Managing Associations webinar on-demand presented by Chad Stewart with Smart Thoughts.  

Watch to learn:

1. How to navigate an enterprise software selection process

2. How to avoid the biggest mistakes in your software search

3. The greatest cost of software failure

4. How to save hundreds of hours in googling

5. Become a rock star software buyer

Who should watch? If you manage, collaborate on or direct an association website you will benefit greatly from learning more about AMS selection.


Meet your speakers:

Chad Stewart

Chad Stewart

Chad is a professional software buyer and software technology advisor. He has helped hundreds of organizations save time and eliminate risk by making smarter software technology decisions. Chad's passion is helping improve operational success with the technology that is best suited to his client's needs.



Jason Stone

Jason Stone

Jason Stone is Engage's Senior Vice President of Sales and Digital. He is a veteran digital marketer, having started when the Internet was still called "AOL" by most people. Prior to joining Engage, Jason was a serial entrepreneur, and today his previous business ownership experience gives him valuable, client-side perspective. He currently serves on the boards of SLSAE, Executive Connections and Savvy Coders.

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