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The Client

St. Louis Blues Alumni Association

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The St. Louis Blues Alumni Association was established in 1988 with the mission to give back to the sport, the communities, and people who have given so much to us. Thanks to the commitment of the Alumni, the St. Louis Blues organization, volunteers, and fans, the Blues Alumni has contributed millions to the St. Louis community and beyond.



Have you ever worked on a design for your site only to find out that due to the limitations of your DNN system, those designs are not feasible? We had a client do that. They gave us a design and we had to tell them that with their current theme and tools, it was going to be quite expensive to implement it. What should they have done instead? At a minimum, they should have worked with their DNN development team (Engage) to ensure that their designs fit within their site. Ideally, they use our DNN design services since our team are DNN experts, we always create beautiful designs that work with what the client has or we quote out a full site redesign to bring them to the highest level.


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New Website with CRM and Association Management Software (AMS)

Engage has launched the new, public-facing website at STLbluesalumni.com. The new site is integrated with a CRM backend system for data collection and email marketing, allowing the Alumni staff to receive donation and appearance requests via online forms and have that information readily available to them in one system as opposed to trying to keep up with emails, phone calls, and in-person requests. In 2020, the Engage team will continue to add in functionality leveraging the tools of Engage AMS (association management software). With Engage AMS, the website will serve as the single source of information and registration for events, corporate sponsorships, and exclusive content for "members" of the site.


  • Brand new website
  • Integration with CRM
  • Integration with Engage AMS



Stay Tuned!!!!

Since launching in the summer of 2019, the new website has seen a steady increase in traffic. As of March 3rd, 2020, the site saw a tremendous jump going from under 50 daily visits to nearly 200 daily visits. With a string of events in early 2020, the popularity of the new site will continue to grow and we'll have more updates on the results.


  • Brand new website
  • Online forms for donation and appearance requests


Portrait of Kristen Palm
Kristen Palm Project Manager & Digital Strategist
Portrait of Anthony Overkamp
Anthony Overkamp Creative Director, Designer, Front-end Developer
Portrait of Kyle Smith
Kyle Smith Front-end Developer
Portrait of Rich Campbell
Rich Campbell AMS Developer
Portrait of Henry Kenuam
Henry Kenuam AMS Developer
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