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What's New In Engage AMS Releases 7.13, 7.14, and 7.1

By Dave Gambino

7.1 release - Company-based memberships, a key feature release particularly for trade associations!

In 7.1, the company-based membership functionality rolled out. With this update, one person serves as the account holder and can then manage the rest of the team associated with the company membership. The account holder can add, withdraw, or transfer memberships. A key differentiator from other AMS platforms is the history of the account remains with the company. Should the account holder ever leave the organization or pass the responsibility to another user, the data remains intact for the company.

Each teammate has their own login and member-based access to the organization.


“I have great respect for incremental improvement…..”
---- Steve Jobs

7.13 and 7.14 are not giant leaps, but instead a bunch of small steps to improve our software.

Have you had problems with duplicate accounts? With release 7.13, we have added a function we call “Is This you?”

The purpose of “Is This You?” is to run a check during registration to see if the data the user is entering matches any of the data already in the system. If there is even a partial match, a lightbox will appear and ask “Is This You?” and will display some data, such as hashed phone number and/or email address so that the user can self-identify.   

If the user says yes, it is him or her. The user clicks to confirm and the system sends a triggered text or email to the data on file, which contains an authenticated link for the user to regain access to his/her original account.


Auto Application Approval

Many organizations need to review the application prior to approval; however, in some cases, an auto-approval with immediate access is the preferred operating procedure. A user can register, be auto-approved and auto logged in instantaneously.  The benefit to the association is that they have a new member and if applicable, dues and/or an application fee already paid as well as allowing this new member access to the store and events for non-dues revenue purchases.


Overcommunication can be a Killer

Scale back on the triggered emails by turning off zero dollar application receipts. With this new feature, the admin can set it up so that any membership application that is zero dollars will not send out an email receipt.


Uniting two Memberships

While working on a project for one of our new customers, the need arose for a person to hold different membership types. In this particular case, a regular member plus a job posting subscription. In other cases, it could be a regular member along with a sponsorship. In the past, each different membership needed a unique login/username. Not any more. Using the same username, the different membership types are tied to that login and are managed under that one profile.


Down the Road…..

Installment payments for Membership fees & Pre-paying without an Invoice

For events, we already have the ability for members to make payments instead of forcing a payment in full.  However, we did not have that for Membership dues.  That is soon changing.  

Currently, to pay for a membership, the system is invoice-based.  Meaning, a member must have an invoice on file in order to pay his/her membership.  In the future, a member can pre-pay for membership.

“Without continuous improvement, we are not providing the best product for our customers.”
--- Henry Kenuam, Engage AMS co-creator and lead developer

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