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What is the latest version of DNN Platform (DotNetNuke)? What is the latest version of DNN Evoq?

By Jason Stone on 2/17/2017

What is the latest version of DNN Platform (DotNetNuke) and what is the latest version of DNN Evoq? The open source DNN Platform 9.0.and the licensed Evoq 9.0 were both released in December 2016.

DNN 8.0
DNN Evoq
Evoq 8
Evoq 9

DNN Summit 2017 Sessions

By Brian Dukes on 1/25/2017

We just returned from DNN Summit 2017, where I gave two presentations (I also helped coordinate the Code-a-Thon, and my colleague Anthony Overkamp gave one presentation and led a full day of theme training). I wanted to put together a quick post to let people know where to access the materials from my presentations.

"The Fallacy of the 4th Quarter"

By Jason Stone on 10/1/2016

Planning web development that's to occur in the 4th quarter can be a tricky proposition. It pays to be informed on the potential hurdles you could face with your web development firm.

DNN 9 is coming soon

By Jason Stone on 9/28/2016

In a recent DNN Community Blog post entitled, "DNN 9 and the Future of the DNN Platform," DNN VP Technology & Community Relations, Joe Brinkman, shared that DNN 9 is en route and due for delivery by year's end.

Why Elm?

By Brian Dukes on 6/17/2016

I posted about our team's decision to start using Elm to develop front-end applications. That post deals with the high level benefits of using the language, but what does it really mean to be a developer working in this language?

Elm is a functional language, which means you'll run into a few concepts that you have to tackle, but Elm as a community is also very intentional about being mainstream-friendly, so if that word functional sounds too fancy or weird or difficult or niche, I'd urge you to give it a try. You will have to change the way you think about some things, but you'll do it with helpful tutorials, documentation, and community.

Adopting Elm

By Brian Dukes on 6/17/2016

At Engage, we've been excited to embrace a new technology for creating web applications that are more maintainable, performant, and reliable. As we keep up on what's changing in the web development landscape, there are too many tools, technologies, and techniques to even read about them all, much less give them a try. But as we entered 2016, we knew that what we had been doing wasn't going to keep up with us as more and more functionality moves to the browser in more and more complex interactions. As we surveyed the landscape of front-end web application frameworks, we found that we were continually hearing about interesting new frameworks and libraries that were influenced by Elm. Elm is a programming language that compiles to JavaScript, designed from the ground up for creating web applications, in a way that guides developers towards well-architected code, in the way that only a new language can.

Introducing Engage's Association Best Practice Webinar Series

By Jason Stone on 6/7/2016
Ideal for anyone who manages, directs or collaborates on an association website, our Association Best Practice Webinar Series will provide expert advice for engaging members, delivering positive user experiences and much more.

PSA: Keeping your DNN Sites Secure

By Brian Dukes on 5/25/2016

TL;DR Install the Security Analyzer module if your DNN website is on a version below 7.4.1 (starting in 7.4.1 this module is included within DNN itself). If you're on DNN 8, make sure you've upgraded to 8.0.3. Review the new workaround instructions if you can't upgrade to 8.0.3.

Protech Fusion 2016 - The Third Time’s a Charm

By Jason Stone on 5/17/2016

Engage's latest trip to Washington D.C. was a well worthwhile as client after client racked up Protech Fusion Wow! Awards. 

User Experience (UX) Design Resources for Association Website Managers

By Rich Campbell on 5/13/2016

When redesigning an association website, it is wise to seek user experience resources and data. User experience (or UX) is the crossroads of design, functionality, and site visitor interaction. It’s not just about striking images or clear navigation. It’s the takeaway “feeling” a person has after visiting and using your website. Its psychological and physical.