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Debugging JavaScript on Internet Explorer

By Brian Dukes
If you're anything like me, you've been greatly looking forward to Visual Studio Orcas, with its enhanced support for JavaScript.  You might also not know that some of that functionality is available to us currently in Visual Studio 2005.  It's not exactly easy to setup and use, but once you get it going, it can really help out when you're trying to figure out why, for example, all elements on your page suddenly disappear, only in IE. Read Article

DotNetNuke Wiki module released

By Rich Campbell
I'm proud to finally announce that the DotNetNuke Wiki Project has officially released the first "production" version of the Wiki module. This version is labeled 04.00.01 and can be downloaded from the Project downloads page. You can find out more information for the Wiki module on the Project Page, and some basic instructions, version history and release notes available on the Wiki Example page, which is running the released version of the Wiki module. Thanks to Josh Handel for helping to get this project rolling again by donating his Ktomics Wiki module to be converted and used for the official DotNetNuke Wiki module. Read Article
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