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How to Add New Content To Your DNN Site

By Kristen Palm

We've covered how to edit content in an HTML module, but how do you add new content to a page?  DNN has two methods depending on if you are creating something from scratch or if you have a pattern that you want to mimic.  

From scratch - you would choose the "ADD NEW MODULE" option

 image of DNN editing for add module

Mimic a pattern - pick "ADD EXISTING MODULE"

dnn editing experience for add existing module

Here are the steps to do both.


Generally, it is easier to “add an existing module”, which makes a copy of another module that you want to use the styling for but need to change the content.
Once you are logged in, navigate to the page you are building out/adding content to. Go into edit mode.  At the bottom of the page, there are 2 box icons.  The one with the E next to it is "ADD EXISTING MODULE"
Then from the pop-up, find the page and module you want to copy.
Make sure “MAKE A COPY” is checked.  If it’s not, then the module is a replica and if you edit one, they both are edited – useful if the same module/info is on multiple pages, like a sponsors bar or footer info.

pop up for add existing module
Click on the module, the page will refresh and a floating module will appear.
Scroll to where you want to place it, then drag/drop it into place and follow the steps for editing.


Instead of adding an existing module, you can also start from scratch by clicking on the first box (the on next to the box with the "E") and “ADD MODULE”
For basic content, you’ll want to add an HTML module. Scroll to find it or type HTML into the search box. If you do this a lot, then "pin" it to the top.

pop up for adding a new module in dnn

Click on HTML, the page will refresh and a floating “text/html” box will appear.  
Scroll to where you want to place the module, and then drag/drop it into that pane
Then follow the steps for editing.
For adding other module types, i.e. open content, you would follow these same steps but search for the type of module you want.


For any questions about your site, reach out to sales@engagesoftware.com.  Happy editing!

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