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Why Work At Engage

By Kristen Palm

What makes a company a good company to work for?  Why do we want to be here? 
Employees need to enjoy their work, but also enjoy the workplace.
We try to make Engage Software a fun place to be with things like game nights, company outtings, celebrations, and happy hours.
Our team loves gaming, so a natural fit is Game Night.  Food and drinks are provided and we play video games like Tekken 3 (which we have an custom-made arcade version of), Starcraft, and Quake along with board games like Ticket to Ride and Pandemic.

When good things happen, we celebrate! 
One of our interns just graduated from college and was able to sign on with Engage full-time. On his first full day, we wrapped up work with a big “congrats grad” cookie cake and Mich Ultras. His success was a win for the whole team, so we all celebrated with him. 
There is so much more to Engage than just fun and games.

The owners stress having a life/work balance.  Everyone here is in charge of his or her own schedule. We’re responsible grown-ups, so we have the flexibility to come in late, leave early, and work from home at our own discretion. The repairman is coming sometime between 10 and 2.  Ok, work from home. Have to leave early for a doctor’s appointment? Sure thing.  Open communication is expected.  But it’s a tell, not an ask.  We are each responsible for ensuring that our work gets done. No one wants to let the team down.

Which leads to the next great thing about Engage, we help each other out. If one of the developers is struggling with something, another dev will step in and go over it with him.  Together, they’ll figure it out. If someone is dealing with a personal situation and needs to take some time off, another person will step up. We are a team.
We don’t wear team uniforms or fancy outfits, though. Engage is a casual atmosphere. We wear everyday clothes - jeans, tennis shoes, flip flops, shorts, t-shirts, hoodies, etc.  We are comfortable here and are thankful to not have to spend extra money for work-specific clothes or dry cleaning.

Speaking of spending, our owners will spend extra money on our continued learning. They fully encourage us to attend trainings, webinars, and conferences.  We already have a strong knowledge of our craft, but it’s ever-changing and they care about investing in us.

Would you want to work for Engage? View our current openings on the Careers Page.

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