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Digital Strategist Earns Google Analytics Certification

By Rich Campbell

It is part of Engage's mission to create a flourishing environment and focus on technical excellence.  We support our employees to learn more about their current skills and expand their skillsets by learning new things. Kristen Palm has been a Marketing professional for over 20 years in roles as a Marketing Coordinator, a Marketing Director, and a Digital Project Manager. She joined Engage in 2018 in a dual role as a Project Manager and a Digital Strategist. At first, she was in charge of Engage's marketing efforts, marketing materials, etc. She did not focus on Google Analytics, but knew how to dig in and pull data to support the marketing efforts. Over time, her role has evolved. She heads up the Engage Digital Services division and became our Google expert. She runs SEO campaigns leveraging Search Console and best practices for page titles, descriptions, and on-page content. She launches PPC ad sets for both search and display via the Google Ads platform. She excels at settings up tags and triggers in GTM. She spearheaded the transition from Universal Analytics to GA4, ensuring all of our clients and the internal Engage properties switched over smoothly. It's this GA4 switch where she truly found her niche. Through a series of one-on-one learnings, youtube videos, and trial and error, she understands the advanced configuration for GA4 custom dimensions, custom events, conversions, tracking in-site links, button clicks, downloads with the file name and URL, and more. She learned all of these intricacies without going through any Google classes. 

Well, she decided to put her knowledge to the test, literally.  On Sept 19th, 2023, Kristen passed the GA certification exam in one try with an 86%.  Reach out to her on LinkedIN to send a Congratulations and contact us when you need help with Google Analytics or anything else in the G Suite.

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