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Brian Dukes is Heading to Switzerland!

By Kristen Palm

Congratulations to Engage’s own, Brian Dukes, on being chosen as a guest speaker at DNN Connect in Switzerland!!!

group of attendees at a previous DNN Connect conferenceEvery year, DNN Connect hosts a conference so that DNN enthusiasts can learn, share, network and have fun. 
We are so honored that this year, they chose Brian Dukes as a guest speaker along with the 9 other top contributors to the open-source platform.
Brian will be presenting on DNN Dependency Injection. The Why and the How. and Little Known DNN Features.

Brian has been a DNN MVP since 2012 and has been a lead presenter at DNN Conferences throughout the US: Chicago Day of DNN 2010, DNN World 2011, Charlotte Day of DNN 2012, DNN World 2012, Charlotte Day of DNN 2013, DNNCon West Palm Beach 2013, DNNCon West Palm Beach 2014, DNNCon, DNN Summit 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

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