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Engage Launches Engage Digital Services Division

By Dave Gambino

In January 2020, Engage acquired SMB Creative Group, a digital marketing firm that helps small to mid-market organizations grow through online initiatives, website development, and support services.

Where in the past, Engage web projects have typically been sophisticated technical efforts tied to larger software customizations and database integrations, the acquisition of SMB has brought on board team members who are adept at tackling more rapid web development efforts as well as offering related services that are more marketing-centric.

Fast-forward just shy of one year, and a new division has evolved from the marriage of the two skill sets: Engage Digital Services.

Engage Digital Services website screenshot

Under this new Engage Digital Services banner, we offer value-priced, packaged services for small- to mid-sized businesses helping them “analyze, design, execute, and grow.”

Analyze – Whether via Discovery processes for conceptual strategy or through hard data in Google Analytics, our team works with yours to identify opportunities where you can improve your brand’s online performance.

Design – As always, Engage’s design team is available to bring conceptual ideas into visual realities but now we are also able to offer modern-designed, templated themes to cater to more modest budgets.

Execute – For clients who simply don’t have the time or staff, Engage Digital Services offers managed services to keep your digital efforts on task and up-to-date.

Grow – The best websites aren’t “set it and forget it” but instead evolve and advance over time. To help you grow your site, your visitors, and best of all your customer base, Engage has services for content load, marketing automation processes, SEO, email programs, and more.

We’re here to help, so how can we help you today?

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