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DNN Summit 2019 Session Review

By Brian Dukes

The Engage team wanted to provide a review of our experience attending and presenting at DNN Summit 2019.  Our Creative Director, Anthony Overkamp, lead the theme session during the day of training, and I presented three sessions during the conference.

In my first session, Building Secure ASP.NET Applications, I reviewed the 2017 update of the OWASP Top 10.  This is a list of common vulnerabilities in web applications, and I discussed having a mindset that is alert when developing applications, to be aware of potential vulnerabilities and when an approach needs more careful review.  I also presented a couple of examples of vulnerable applications, and those intentionally vulnerable examples are available as a GitHub repository.

Brian Dukes presenting Building Secure ASP.NET Applications at DNN Summit 2019

In my second session, Little Known DNN Features, I discussed a number of helpful features that the DNN Platform provides to developers.  The features I covered included the following:

Brian Dukes presenting Little Known DNN Features at DNN Summit 2019

In my final session, Advanced Git Techniques to Manage Open Source Contributions, I discussed using Git to ease maintenance of a project.  I suggested investing some time to learn Git and allow it to be a foundational tool in your development workflow (hint, it probably already is), and pointed folks to Pro Git and GitHub's Learning Lab as great learning resources to check out.  Beyond a general investment in learning, I advocate for many small commits, and clean histories, demystifying the usefulness of Git's rebase command.  Finally, when conflicts do occur, I point people to useful tools which help manage their conflicts, including SemanticMerge and gmaster, with their powerful understanding of your code and repository.

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