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DNN Summit 2017 Sessions

By Brian Dukes

We just returned from DNN Summit 2017, where I gave two presentations (I also helped coordinate the Code-a-Thon, and my colleague Anthony Overkamp gave one presentation and led a full day of theme training). I wanted to put together a quick post to let people know where to access the materials from my presentations.

My first session was Git Concepts, Tips & Tricks, where I tried to help folks understand some of the core concepts within the Git version control system, and demonstrate how it can make a huge difference in your day-to-day workflow. The presentation is available to review online.

The second presentation was Creating a Build Pipeline for your JS, CSS and more, where I talked about the benefits you can easily add to a project by setting up a build tool like Gulp or Webpack. The presentation and sample code are both available.

This year's conference was put together by the newly formed DNN Association, and they did a great job coordinating. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing some momentum around the upcoming events, as the Association enables future coordinators to better learn from past experiences putting the conference together. And I very much want to thank them for organizing DNN on the Slopes after the conference, it was a great way to wind things down, we all enjoyed it very much.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or follow up about the presentations, I'm passionate about these topics and helping developers improve their processes.

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