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Congratulations to the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) on Winning an ASAE Gold Circle Award!

By Rich Campbell

We are thrilled to announce that our client, the American College of Rheumatology (ACR), is a winner of a 2016 Gold Circle Award from the Center for Association Leadership (ASAE) in the website category!

Working with the ACR to build this new website was a unique, complex and rewarding project that involved developing new architecture, integrating third-party platforms and creating custom features to increase functionality and usability. However, the end-goal was simple: to launch a site that provides members with a great user experience.

Built in the DNN Evoq™ content management system (CMS), the website includes a robust search function and a mega menu with content and images tailored to personas. Also, integrating the site with Protech Associates’ association management software (AMS) was key in introducing new online features that allow members to update their profiles, renew/apply for membership and make purchases. Before hand-off, we helped the ACR set up analytics and reporting capabilities to provide insight to better focus on generating content that is useful and interesting to members.

Over the past few months, the ACR has received positive feedback on its new site. Visitors are not only finding information more easily, but they are also spending more time on the site overall and exploring content that was previously inaccessible. We are excited to see how the ACR continues to drive positive user experiences for its members – one of the most important functions of an association’s website.

Again, congratulations to the ACR and everyone who came together to bring this site to life!

Check out the new ACR website here: www.rheumatology.org.

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