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Email read and click rates drop considerably in fourth quarter

By Rich Campbell

According to BtoBOnline.com, email read and click rates have dropped considerably (22% and 21% respectively) during the 4th Quarter of 2005 compared to 2004, while volume has risen 50%. 

If you're a marketer and your numbers are going down what does this tell you?  Change your approach

One consistent theme in the presentations Dan Klein and I give on email marketing is email can be very effective if done properly.  How do you do it effectively?  In my humble opinion, here are the keys:

  • Use compelling creative.  You need a look and content that stands out in the inbox so it actually gets reviewed before someone deletes or moves onto the next item.
  • People need to willingly choose to receive your emails. An obvious opt-in and opt-out policy should be in place that is memorable. 
  • Messages must be highly relevant when you communicate with a customer or prospect. Targeting is key.  Segment your lists into smallers lists and send relevant information to the audience.  Use data to your advantage, including previous sales information.
  • Email marketing should continue to build already established relationships with your audience.  Generally speaking, people do not open or read emails from names they don't recognize. 
  • You must conform to the CAN-SPAM Act.  Why?  Well, if you ignore it there are fines and punishments... Also, you may tarnish your relationship with a customer or lead.
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