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Announcing Engage: Employment 1.3

By Brian Dukes

We at Engage Software have just released the latest update to our DotNetNuke Jobs Listing module, Engage: Employment, version 1.3.  This is a module you can use on your company's DNN site to list the job openings you have available at your various locations, and accept and sort applications and applicants.

In this version we have made significant enhancements to searching both within the module and through DNN.  Searches return more relevant results and are now marked to show why they are relevant.  The module is also indexed by DNN's search indexer now, which incidentally also allows for the module to be syndicated through an RSS feed.

We also added the ability for applicants to return and update their application, including their resumé and cover letter, as well as their salary requirement and application message.

Lastly we began the update to the administrative side of the module, rearranging the applications to be grouped by job opening.

Feel free to check out this and all of our other modules at our demo site, https://demo.engagemodules.com, where you can feel free to try out all that the module has to offer and see if it will meet your needs.  We're very excited to be able to support the requests of our community with this new release and with our future plans for the module.

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