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Hierarchical checkbox selection with an Infragistics UltraWebGrid

By Brian Dukes

I was tasked yesterday with adjusting a hierarchical Infragistics WebGrid (2007.2, but I don’t expect that it’s substantially different in any other recent versions) so that when a checkbox was checked in a parent row that the children rows’ checkboxes were also checked.  This proved much more difficult than I expected, in part because I overlooked the client-side event that I needed to use.  After struggling with trying to figure out what server side or client side event would fire after a checkbox was checked, I finally found the AfterCellUpdate client side event.  There were a few other gotchas that cropped up along the way too, so I thought I’d share my final product for anyone else who might want this same behavior.

To wire up the event, you need to set the DisplayLayout.ClientSideEvents.AfterCellUpdateHandler property to the name of the JavaScript function that should handle that event (ugUnitTypes_AfterCellUpdate in my case).  If this isn’t exactly what you need, the WebGrid CSOM topic in Infragistics’ help documentation was indispensible for traversing their particular brand of JavaScript jungle.

I hope this helps you.

function ugUnitTypes_AfterCellUpdate(gridName, cellId) {
var cell = igtbl_getCellById(cellId);
if (cell && cell.Band.Index === 0 && cell.Column.ColumnType === 3) {
var parentValue = cell.getValue();
var children = cell.Row.getChildRows();
for (i = 0; i < children.length; i++) {
var childCell = igtbl_getRowById(children[i].id).getCellFromKey( 'Selected' );


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