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Announcing the Alpha release of Engage: Events!

By Brian Dukes

After weeks in the top secret laboratories at Engage Software, we are now ready to bring our newest creation into the light.  We would like to announce the immediate availability of Engage: EventsAlpha!

Taking a look at the DotNetNuke landscape, we realized that the world of event management needed a new leader, a new vision.  We have begun to create that vision in Engage: Events.  We are committed to a clean, elegant design to make sure that it integrates cleanly with your site, whatever design it may have.  The Alpha release of Engage: Events comes with an event listing and calendar view. Registered users can register for events and administrators can view their responses.  It also includes iCal support.

This is an alpha release, which means that it is not feature-complete, and it may have problems.  Please be aware that this should not be used on a production site, and we provide no warranty if something goes wrong.  That said, we've been playing with it and have seen only minor, cosmetic bugs.  We wanted to get this release out to you, the public, early, so that you can take a test drive, kick the tires, and let us know what you think needs to be changed, kept the same, added or removed.  We want to know what you want from an events module.

To try it out, check out the Engage: Events page on our site, and click the free download link.  Note that this is a limited time demo version, and will expire in a couple of months.  This is accomplished through the use of a licensing web service, please see our documentation for more information.

The whole reason this module is being made available to you is so that you can help us meet your needs.  Please join the discussion for the future of event management on our forums, and tell us about any bugs you see or ideas you have at our new bug tracking site.

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