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Engage: Employment 1.4 for DotNetNuke

By Brian Dukes

Have you heard of our Engage: Employment module for DotNetNuke?  I'm talking about our module for posting job listings on your website and allowing folks to apply for them.  We have today released a new version of the module to fix a number of bugs that have been discovered, while completely revamping the administrative experience.

Where before it took about a million clicks to get the module setup and to get a good understanding of how it was setup and what had already been setup, now you're initially greeted with an administrative overview, with quick, one-click access to every part of the administrative interface.  We think this will save you hours if you're setting up a site of any significant number of job listings.

We've also added the much requested ability to send notification emails to different people for each job, to allow for easier management and delegation of responsibilities when dealing with new applicants.  These new applications can also be given statuses to track the movement of the application through your hiring workflow (before you were stuck giving statuses to the users themselves, even if they were great for one position but terrible for another).

Finally, we improved the searching experience, adding the ability to search by job categories and to use quoted phrases when doing a keyword search.

And this is all in addition to the bugs we found and fixed from the previous version.  We really think this is the slickest, most intuitive, and most stable release of the module yet, and we have some great ideas for where to take it next to increase its appeal even more.  You can see what we've done, where we're headed, and submit your own bugs or suggestions at our issue tracking site.

If you haven't used the module before, or you want to see the new features in action, you should take it for a spin on our demo site.  Here you can login as an administrator and a user, and see what the experience is like from start to finish.

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