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New Skin Release, Engage: BEFITTING

By Anthony Overkamp

I’m proud to announce that we’ve released our second commercial skin, Engage: BEFITTING. It is available  for purchase on our site or at Snowcovered.

The release of Engage:BEFITTING is also a pretty good time for me to introduce myself; so hello there. My name is Anthony Overkamp, and I am a designer here at Engage Software. This skin package is my first of hopefully many new designs to come to help provide clean, flexible design and presence on the web.

When I first approached this skin, I wanted to find a way to give the flexibility of Engage: Adaptive, and use the real estate of the page to give the content defined “homes” to maintain the simplicity of my design. I think the result will give you a lot of flexibility while still maintaining adequate spacing to give your site a great skin. Originally the skin started out geared towards a small law firm niche, but grew to be flexible enough to hold any small business, or personal site up proudly.

The site is coded using XHTML/CSS and follows W3C standards. All the CSS files are commented extensively to give you a clear roadmap to make personal touches to the style, or to just see what’s doing what. I provided five layouts in four available colors, with seven corresponding containers to give numerous design opportunities.  With a little CSS knowledge, this site could be easily personalized even more, or if you don’t feel up to the work I am available to do some custom design for hire here at Engage Software. Drop me a note and we can make it happen, or just stop by to say hello.

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