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Check out our latest skin release, Engage: Element

By Anthony Overkamp

Engage: Element, a new DotNetNuke 5 skin

Engage: Element is our latest commercial skin package release, including five bold color combinations, six unique containers, and three main layouts. Each layout choice comes with multiple panes designed to make your content shine whether you use all the panes together or just a few per page. Engage: Element is using the web standards approach, each layout is built with XHTML/CSS with some CSS3 enhancements (sorry IE users, you will not see text shadows). The skin itself has been cross-browser tested across most popular browsers. This skin is made to be flexible, easily accommodating any site small or large.

The design for Engage: Element was inspired by the five elements: water, earth, wood, metal, and fire. I designed each color variation using one of the five elements as my inspiration, creating vivid colors that I thought best represented each. Every color variation has complementing headers and links to match the main color theme. The design is modern, using stylized tabs and subtle gradients aimed to make the site shine. Although it is designed within a fixed width, the background elements expand horizontally endlessly, to accommodate users with larger monitors. Included in the skin package is the original source photoshop file for those of you who would like to personalize the design even further. The css and photoshop files are well commented throughout to make each section easily accessible for any customization.

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