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Updating Engage: Events

By Brian Dukes

I’m really excited to finally be able to introduce version 1.4 of Engage: Events.  This release addresses, in my opinion, the biggest missing feature of the module, event categorization.  At the simplest level, categorization lets us group events, so that users can filter by those groups, and see the grouping at a glance (via category colors).  However, this feature also means that you can have different groups of events in different modules within a DNN portal, and implement different permissions on each group.  I’m really excited at the flexibility that we’ve been able to provide to the security story for Events, as well as the polish that this feature exhibits (especially with regards to colors).

In order to support categories, we had to enhance the templating engine with a few key features (which means that those features will also make it into our other modules that support templating).  If you’ve ever made a template for one of our modules, know that some of the things that weren’t possible before now work as you’d expect, and that we have some great ideas for more templating features to implement soon that will make your template possibilities expand quite a bit.

We also were able to address some of the most common bugs with the module, specifically its incompatibility with some of our other modules and with DNN 5.3 and above.  We’re excited for you to try it out on your DNN site and find that it meets and exceeds your expectations of a clean, simple events module.  You can try it out yourself by downloading a free 30-day trial from our website.  As always, any feedback that you can provide is greatly appreciated and taken into consideration.

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