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Engage: Employment 1.9

By Brian Dukes

We recently published an update to our jobs listing module, Engage: Employment.  Our focus of this release was to improve the performance and usability to application management in the module.  Many of our customers have been using the module for years now, and have a good amount of applications built up.  We added filtering to the application management, so that you can see only certain jobs, or applications with certain statuses or posted during a certain date range.  If you’re still not able to slice the list down with the filters, we also added paging to improve performance and the experience.

We’ve always had links from job management to application management, but we added links that filtered by status if you’re using either applicant or application statuses.  We also integrated that linking with the filtering, so you only see what you’re really interested in.

After we’d done all of that, we saw that customers with thousands of applications could still, in some circumstances, experience unacceptable performance.  We took another week and fine tuned the performance of all aspects of application management to get the experience smooth and satisfying.

For our existing customers, we hope that you’re pleased and excited with these changes.  We’d love to hear any ideas about what you’d love to see next in the product.  If you haven’t used the module and your company’s website lists job openings (or should) give the new Engage: Employment a try.  You can see a demo of it with all of its features laid out on our demo site.  You can also get a free, fully-functional 30-day trial that you can try out on your own site.

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