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Engage: Survey 3.3

By Brian Dukes

We’ve just released an update to our popular survey and form building module, Engage: Survey. With this update, we’ve addressed some issues that folks were having if they’d jumped to a newer version of jQuery through the Hosted jQuery option in DotNetNuke. This also means that the module is ready for DotNetNuke 6 (including the nice, new module branding, which makes a surprisingly big difference when working with the modules lists).

In addition to the fixes we put into the module, we added the ability to better control what happens when someone has completed a survey. You can now specify a message for each survey to show after someone has completed it, or you can set a URL to take the survey taker to after completion.

If you’re already enjoying Engage: Survey on your DotNetNuke site, you can get the upgrade from GitHub. If you’d like to try it out, you can get a free 30-day trial from that same page, or look around its demo site. Survey is a really fun and intuitive input form builder, which is a great replacement for the DNN core Survey and Feedback modules. Give it a try and see if it’ll work for your site.

Planning a DNN upgrade? Download our guide