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DNN World 2011

By Brian Dukes

We’re on the plane flying back to St. Louis from DNN World 2011.  I gave a presentation titled DNN 6 UI/UX Patterns, discussing the form patterns introduced in the administrative modules in DNN 6 (the new look and feel that you immediately noticed after logging into your new DNN 6 site).  Many folks asked about seeing the examples that I presented, and they are available as a repository on github, at https://github.com/bdukes/DNN-World-Demos.  This includes a series of small, one-control modules that demonstrate the various parts and pieces introduced in DNN 6.  I’ve also placed the slide deck on SlideShare, (though the vast majority of the content was just demonstration, don’t be expecting a wealth of information there).  Feel free to let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll do my best to give clarifications.

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