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Engage Enhances Software & Information Industry Association's Member Experience with New Website

By Dave Gambino

ST. LOUIS – March 11, 2015 – Engage, experts in the design and development of web and mobile solutions for enterprises, has launched a new website for the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), the principal trade association for the software and digital content industry. Built on the DNN content management system (CMS), Evoq™ Content, the new website offers improved user accessibility, enables easier content creation and seamlessly integrates with SIIA’s existing association management software (AMS), Protech UX Online, to help enhance the member experience and increase the likelihood of new member acquisition.

Key features and benefits of the new SIIA website include:

  • Enterprise-level Content Management: Engage built SIIA’s new site on DNN’s Evoq Content CMS, which allows administrators to more easily and efficiently update and curate content (with minimal HTML knowledge), for a more rapid time to market. This ensures that members are always accessing the latest and most relevant information, keeping them engaged and interested.
  • Improved Accessibility & User Experience: While SIIA created the site’s design, Engage built the site out in Evoq Content, employing various modules to more dynamically present the content. Engage also installed a new search function to help members find resources faster. Plus, Engage made the site responsive to give members an optimal browsing experience no matter the device they are using – smartphone, tablet or desktop.
  • AMS Integration: Engage integrated SIIA’s existing AMS with Evoq, connecting its member database to the website. This allows SIIA to provide members with the ability to easily update and edit their own profiles, renew memberships and more with a simple login.
  • Multi-site Management: SIIA is managing multiple sites within one instance of Evoq. So, there is no need to create and manage independent sites for events or different divisions, and all “microsites” are maintained under one roof. This saves administrators time and resources while maintaining brand control.

Benjamin Price, web project manager, SIIA, said, “As a technology-focused association, SIIA recognized the importance of a website in providing the best-possible member experience. Engage’s experience working with DNN Evoq and technical expertise in AMS integration made them an excellent fit for bringing our new site to life. Now, members are more readily finding the information they are looking for, and at the same time, our staff is saving time and resources managing content.”

To view SIIA’s new website, visit siia.net


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