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Engage is heading to Charlotte for Day of DotNetNuke!

By Anthony Overkamp

Join Brian, Jason, Oliver, and myself for this year's FREE Day of DotNetNuke in beautiful Charlotte, NC. Enjoy a full day of sessions packed with tips and techniques from DotNetNuke core team members, community members, and industry experts. This year's theme is "DotNetNuke Goes Social," and many of the session tracks will focus on the features of the latest release of the DotNetNuke application, version 6.2.

Charlotte Day of DotNetNuke 06.02.12 banner

I'm pretty excited to attend my second Day of DotNetNuke as both a participant and a speaker. I look forward to presenting on my topics, learning from others, connecting with friends old and new, and of course meeting with other like-minded individuals to geek out about DNN and the web! Here is a quick overview of the sessions we will be presenting. For more info on DayofDNN, be sure to check out the site, register (did I mention it was free?), and stop by to say hi!

Brian Dukes

"Designing a Mobile-Enabling API"

Use the new DotNetNuke Service Framework to enable your modules and other extensions to power mobile applications and other new and unique workflows. While it's always been possible to have various sorts of web services alongside your module, the Service Framework provides a common pattern to enable smart authentication and a clean development model. This presentation will demonstrate what it looks like to use the Service Framework to develop an API that exposes rich functionality to a wide variety of potential clients, including native mobile applications.

"Making Full Use of the Client Resource Management Framework"

DotNetNuke 6.1 introduced the Client Resource Management framework to give developers and skinners a central mechanism for managing JavaScript and CSS that needs to be included in your site. The framework enables us to think about our scripts and styles much more logically, and leave the worries of optimizing behind. In this presentation, I'll introduce the framework, show how and why to use it, and point out some tips and tricks to make it easier to use and manage.

Oliver Hine

"The Advanced Control Panel for DotNetNuke"

The Advanced Control Panel was developed to improve the usability of DNN, taking up less space while adding numerous features which improve your daily administration tasks. Learn why many core team members and community leaders utilize the Advanced Control Panel on all their production sites. You will learn how to unlock the full administration capabilities of your DotNetNuke sites, a demonstration of the most popular features as well as a preview of what's in store for the future of the Advanced Control Panel.

Anthony Overkamp

"Why Should Content Come First? (content strategy and a "mobile first" approach to design)"

People visit your site for the content, they want to hear your message. We design to best show off your ideas. Content is the heart of that design. Colors, shapes, emotion; all these things are there to serve your message or your content. As a designer, you need to have a clear understanding of where you are heading before you depart; i.e. know your content before you design, so you can design to your content. We'll cover what it means to have a content strategy, why you need content before you design, and how to build better design working with the heart of your brand and message. This strategy is critical to your implementations, whether it's a new site, a mobile re-design, or an implementation that covers multiple devices and media types.

"Design Strategies for Phones, Tablets, and Desktops"

People are looking at your site on all kinds of devices. Not just iPhones and iPads. How can you design to provide the optimal experiences for these devices, while maintaining your desktop strategy, and anticipate new devices and trends of the future? This presentation will review strategies and theory behind designing for multiple platforms. We will go over positives and negatives of "separate site" vs "responsive design," target audience considerations and strategy as well as common user breakpoints.

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