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More DotNetNuke in Europe?

By Rich Campbell

Well the SDN event here in The Netherlands was a blast, I must say I had another great time visiting the Dutch DotNetNuke users once again. I am excited for the Day of DotNetNuke (possibly named something else) that is being planned for Paris in May of 2010. I’m going to start booking my travel for that very soon, I just need to check out Bing Travel to see what the prices are, and if they are expected to go up or down!

I hope to see more of the European DotNetNuke users at this event, I’ll post a link when there is one available, but so you can start planning for it, I hear it will be on 5/28/2010 in Paris.

Thanks again to Stefan, Erik, Joop and Remi for everything at SDN this weekend, I’m headed back to the United States now, regretting leaving, but also ready to get home to my lovely wife (she’ll be going to Paris as well)

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