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DotNetNuke Portal Admin webinar starts tomorrow (9/15/2009)

By Rich Campbell

Here at Engage we’ve been doing DotNetNuke Training for well over 5 years now. Initially we provided training for existing clients, but over time we realized that we had the knowledge and a market to branch out and provide our training services on a larger scale. We even became the first, and so far the only, Official DotNetNuke Training provider.

Starting tomorrow (Tuesday 9/15/2009) we are conducting another round of our DotNetNuke Portal Admin class via our webinar instruction. Our webinar training provides some of our DNN classes over a three day period. This round is Tuesday through Thursday this week, from Noon to 2pm CST. If you’re interested in attending our Portal Admin class for further instruction in the art of DotNetNuke administration be sure to get signed up as there is still time.

If you are interested in other training information about DotNetNuke I’ve taken the time to write up a little more detail about the training that Engage provides for DotNetNuke.

Over the past five years our training offerings have expanded, from initially offering onsite customized training to clients, to now offering a full range of training solutions. Here’s a list of the current offerings we have.

We offer a variety of DotNetNuke topics in our training, here are some of our prepackaged courses that we offer, along with a description of each of those.

  • DotNetNuke Intro – An hour long look into DNN and what it provides to users, developers and designers
  • DotNetNuke Essentials - DotNetNuke Essentials is an introduction to the DotNetNuke framework. It is an intensive overview of DotNetNuke from the perspectives of a website administrator, developer and designer. The content covered is required learning for students moving on to other DotNetNuke topics such as Module Development, Skinning or Portal Administration.
  • Portal Admin - Portal Administration will take a robust look at the various administrative tools in DotNetNuke available to webmasters. This course will discuss the advantages and implications of the admin and host settings, review the core modules, and examine best practices for web site administration in DotNetNuke.
  • Skinning Essentials - Skinning Essentials is a comprehensive overview of skinning concepts. This course reviews the implementation, application, and management of skins, skin packages, and containers. These concepts form a solid foundation for students interested in taking DNN Skinning or just effectively managing skins on their site.
  • Module Development - DotNetNuke Skinning will cover a range of topics from initial design to completed package. In this course, you'll learn how to build a skin from scratch and implement navigation controls to customize your own skins. Also, you'll dive deeper into CSS and XHTML world.
  • DotNetNuke Skinning - Module Development starts by discussing the foundational elements necessary for successful and sustainable module development. The second day of Module Development will cover DNN data access methodologies and will demonstrate module integration with key DNN functionality by implementing core features.
  • Best Practices - The session will cover best practices of DotNetNuke hosting, development, skinning and administration. You’ll be exposed to tips and tricks for configuring and maintaining your portals, users and modules for a broad range of websites.
  • Custom – You name the topics, we come up with the training based on our real world experiences with DNN.

We are extremely flexible in the topics, audience, and level of experience that we can provide training for. If you are looking to get yourself, or even a team up to speed on DotNetNuke, Engage provides the most comprehensive collection of training materials and services the platform.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have about our DotNetNuke Training.

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